Nano Tape Double Sided Tape 25mm X 5 Meter

Rs.1,399 Rs.2,499

Our transparent Nano Tape is incredibly strong, durable and easy to use. This sticky transparent tape can be used for various purposes.

 Strong Viscosity - These tape are made from the latest acrylic-gel material which is why they can easily hold items up to 1 KG.
 Reusable  - These tapes can be used many times. You can wash the tape with water and dry it to regain its stickiness. 
 Environment Friendly - 
It is made out of Non-Toxic recyclable, environmentally friendly material.
 Easy to Install -  
The double-sided traceless tape can be easily cut to your desire length and pressed to the smooth and dry surfaces.



All adhesive tapes will lose their adhesive strength after first use. However, with Nano Magic Tape you just need to gently rinse with water, Nano Magic Tape is ready for next use after being dried. You can reuse it many times.



This double sided tape will stick to almost anything with a smooth surface so you can stick anything anywhere. You can use it to fix or paste items such as frames, carpets, power sockets and remote controls etc



Our tape is very sticky.  With 1 piece of tape sticking to the wall can hold the weight of 4 pieces of brick. It sticks better if the adhesive surface is dry and clean, or the object is not too thick. Nano Tape works well with almost any type of material (bricks, metal, plastic & etc)


You do not need any tools to use this tape, this double sided Nano tape is extremely simple to use. It is free to cut and can easily be used on smooth surfaces.




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